Selected Recent Publications by Lab Members:

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Shandler, R., Gross, MG., Backhaus, S., Canetti, D. (In press). Cyber Terrorism and Public Support for Retaliation – A Multi-Country Survey Experiment. British Journal of Political Science.

Shandler, R., Gross, MG., Canetti, D. (2021). “A Fragile Public Preference for Using Cyber Strikes: Evidence from Survey Experiments in the United States, United Kingdom and Israel”. Contemporary Security Policy. DOI: 10.1080/13523260.2020.1868836.

Shandler, R., Snider, K., Canetti, D. (In press). “The Political Psychology of Cyber Terrorism”, in The Cambridge Handbook of Political Psychology, Eds. Danny Osborne & Chris G. Sibley.

Bloom, P. B. N., Kimhi, S., Fachter, S., Shamai, M., & Canetti, D. (2020). Coping with Moral Threat: Moral Judgment amid War on Terror. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 64(2-3), 231-260.‏

Shandler, R., Gross, M. L., & Canetti, D. (2019). Can You Engage in Political Activity Without Internet Access? The Social Effects of Internet Deprivation. Political Studies Review, 18(4), 620-629.

Shandler, R., & Canetti, D. (2019). A Reality of Vulnerability and Dependence: Internet Access as a Human Right. Israel Law Review, 52(1), 77-98.

Snider, K. L.G., Hefetz, A., Canetti, D. (2018). The Attitudes Toward Asylum Policies (ATAP) Scale: Development and Validation. In Mario B. Mignone (Ed.) The Challenges of Migration in North America and Europe: Comparing Policies and Models of Reception, 195-221. Forum Italicum Publishing. Stony Brook Publication.